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          YG-PM is the Professional Plastic Moulds Manufacturer in China, and have more than Ten years of experiences in PlasticInjection moulds for Home Appliances plastic parts, such as LCD covers,Washing Machine Accessories,Vaccum Collector Accessories and other many kinds of parts.
          YG-PM export more than 80% of the moulds it made to Overseas Markets, mainly export to Korea, Sweden, Norway, Franch, Brazil°≠°≠
          YG-PM have got very good Reputation from the Overseas Customers, Because our moulds match the European Standards, from Mould Design to Mould Steel and Mould Components, We usually use D-M-E, HASCO standards, and Our main suppliers are as follows:
          YG-PM creats a special and professional management system, which is Specially suitable for mould design and parts quality controlling,
           Moulds tooling and processing controlling,mould operation quality controlling°≠ XG-PM's whole working team absolutely trusts that good quality and services are based on good management.
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