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          Products & Moulds

          TV & LCD Series
          Vacuum Collector Series
          Wash Machine Series
          Air Conditioner Series
          Auto & Motorcycle Series
          Commodity Series
          Die Casting Moulds
          Our "BEST"

          Best Solution
          Endless Development
          Satisfied Service
          Technical Support

          Frequently Asked Questions
          Below is a list of answers to some of YG-PMs most frequently asked questions.
          If you need more information about any of YG-PMs Service or Capabilities,Please contact us anytime, Thanks.

          Q: What do you need to make a quotation for moulds?
          Q: Do you sign NON-DISCLOSE agreement?
          Q: What type of drawing files can you accept?
          Q: Do you build Hot Runner Moulds?
          Q: Have you ever made Prototype or Overmould?
          Q: How will you send out samples to us?
          Q: Is it possible without a visit in your cmpany to know whether my mould is built on Schedule?
          Q: How long does it take to build an injection mould?
          Q: How did you pack up and ship the mould?
          Q: What is the life expectancy of moulds?
          Q: How can I get after-Sales Service from YG-PM ?
          Q: What kinds of Payment conditions do you accept?
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