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          (1) WorkTable Size: 1450*600mm
          (2) Made in TAIWAN
          (3) Maxi.Loading: 1000kgs
          (4) X,Y,Z, Stoke: 1250,600,635mm
          (5) Moving Speed:
          (6) Cutting Speed: 4000mm/min
          (7) Slant cross section beam with 3 box ways design for Y axis
          (8) Best Center-line layout of Spindle system

          High Speed CNC Engraving & Milling Machine

          (1) Travels: 620*750*300MM
          (2) Maxi.Moving Feed: 10m/min
          (3) Maxi.Cutting Feed: 10m/min
          (4) Positional Precision: +/- 0.01mm
          (5) Repeat Position Precision: 0.005mm
          (6) Spain FAGOR high speed CNC system
          (7) TaiWan high precision electricity spindle
          (8) 1 Set of this machine for the present

          Precision Wire-Cutting Machine

          (1) 3 Sets of this kind of machine, made in China
          (2) Working Table Size: 600*400MM
          (3) X, Y, Z Stroke: 380*250*250MM
          (4) Positional Precision: +/-0.01mm
          (5) Maxi Weight of Electrode: 70KGS
          (6) Maxi Size of working piece:800*500*320mm
          (7) Maxi Weight of working piece: 1000KG

          ACTSPARK Precision EDM Machine

          (1) AGIECHARMILLES made in China
          (2) X, Y, Z Stroke: 320*250*250 MM
          (3) Maxi Weight of working piece: 600kgs
          (4) Maxi Weight of Electrode: 80Kgs
          (5) Axis Resolution: X,Y=1um, Z=0.5um
          (6) Working Table Size: 500*320mm
          (7) Maxi Working Piece: 790*480*260mm
          (8) 1 Set in use for the present


          Max. Pressure  120T
          Max. Capacity Size:      800*800MM
          Fast Backward/Tool Backward: 60/22 (mm/sec)
          Electric Permanent Magnetic Suck force: 28T
          Turn-Over Capability :  3T
          Max. Stroke:   1250MM
          Forward/Tool Feed Speed: 45/16 (mm/sec)
          Permanent Magnetic Suck Force: 7T
          Enforced Magnetic Force: 36T
          Angle:  0-90 degrees
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