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          In order to build one mould of good quality, there must be a good mould design for it. YG-PM has a professional &diligent designers team, with designers of more than 5 years of experiences in mould Design. All the designers use CAD/CAE/CAM software very well, and they can supply good solution for problems during Process of design. Normally one complete mould design in 2D &3D can be finished within 1 week, and all the designers are very familliar with HASCO and D-M-E standard. Making Good Quality of Mould is every Designer¡¯s AIM.
          ¡¤ After customer supply part drawing(in DXF, IGES, or STEP etc.) and their requirements on mould, Designer will make the first mould Design(drawing), then design Manager will check the drawing, Then send it to the customer, and discuss together with customer about the design in details (such as injection system, cooling System, and Ejection system and soon), Based on customer¡¯s final Decision, Our designer will update the first drawing and complete the mould design, and send the final drawing to the customer, The final design will be the reference as checking the actual mould.
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